A further update to "Reading and studying from the screen"

Elevator tale: Like the previous post "An update to "Reading and studying from the screen" updating my 2016 paper "Reading and studying on the screen", this post surveys various articles not previously considered. This time ten articles released subsequent to mine and a further thirteen not included are considered. The additional articles help to portray a much richer series of nuances to what it means to read on-screen and how comparison studies between on-screen and print reading might be furthered. 

Earlier this year I posted an update to my 2016 article in the Journal of Open, Flexible and Distance Learning "Reading and studying on the screen: An overview of literature towards good learning design practice". The article considered much, but not all, of the scholarship at the time related to how on-screen education might be advanced in the face of student preference for print. In the professional situations I have worked in over the last decade th…